Paradise Yacht Management is a team of experts within the charter boat industry strategically based in St. Thomas of the beautiful US Virgin Islands that specialize in managing crewed charters within the US, British and Spanish Virgin Islands.

Paradise Yacht Management offers a charter management program to Yacht Owners who want to keep their boat in great condition, as well as have the opportunity to make income to offset the expenses of Yacht Ownership.

PYM makes contact with the owners and crew all over the world to develop relationships to have the best yachts paired with the best crews.

As they bring new yachts into their fleet, Paradise Yacht Management works closely with owners, crew, and CVLA ( Commercial Vessel Licensing Authority) to ensure all rules and regulations have been met and all is within full compliance. 

They fully understand that a clean, perfectly charter ready yacht matched with the crew that strives in their experience, values, and hospitality skills will turn out to be a win/win/win. A win for the guests, a win for the Yacht Owner, a win for the Virgin Islands and a win for Paradise Yacht Management including all their Team members and Yacht Brokers.